About Me


Victoria (Tori) Walker is an 18 year old dancer from Katy, Texas. She began dancing at the age of 5 at Becky’s Academy of Dance. She then moved onto Allegro West Academy of Dance where she studied RAD and won Teen Miss Dance of Texas 2010 and Miss Congeniality 08’ 09’ 10’ at Dance Masters of America. She moved onto Houston Metropolitan Dance Center’s youth company, Met Too’s. She studied and trained, while also performing throughout Houston for many shows. Recently, she became a Meadows Scholar at Southern Methodist University, where she now studies Dance and Pre-Med. Victoria has had the opportunity to work with many fantastic choreographers, such as: Jessica Hendricks, Mia Michaels, Mandy Moore, Travis Wall, Denise Wall, Marlana Walsh-Doyle, Kiki Lucas, Terrill Mitchell, Noa Tumpkin, Chris Jacobsen, Chris Dupre, Steven Boyd, Lauren Garson, James Washington, and Sonya. She has a contemporary laced style; however, she is fond of every style in some form or fashion and is bound and determined to learn as many art forms of dance as possible.